'Before I die'

1) Find someone with the same mutual love as me. I’m dwelling too much on the past, at times it’s hard to get a grip of myself, other times I smile at in end, thinking that this day wasn’t so hard. What we had was good, we had happy memories, we had some bad ones, but I hope to remember and dwell on the good things with a smile always instead of having some hard days and some good days. I know it’s because it meant a lot, and that just means that the memories I have will just be treasured always and the pain is not what it used to be before, and it’s a sign that things do get better eventually. I just want love in my life, past, present, future love to make me smile more than hurt me.

2) Travel, see the world, immerse myself, experience new places, people, new friendships.

  • June-September 2014-China
  • September 2014-December 2014-Taiwan
  • TBD: Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, UK
  • Travel with my parents and friends.

3) Get into PA school and graduate.

I don’t have much, but this is all that I want for now. It just sums up that all I want is happiness I guess.

'Before I die'



It’s been getting harder to keep myself together with school, this scholarship, Aunty, Mom and Dad on my mind.

It’s so easy to let myself go and yet I don’t know how I’ve been able to prevent the waterfalls trickle down my cheeks.

Only evidence is the extra wrinkles on my eyelids.

Dry, crackled, flapped onto one another with extra wrinkles.

How gross…